Mauritius Financial License

Mauritius GCB Category 1 Financial License

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Mauritius Financial License


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Advantages of Obtaining a Financial License in Mauritius

Mauritius Financial Services Commission is one of the worlds leading Financial Regulator, now a days most of the companies are obtaining Mauritius financial license, which gives full options as a Category ‘A’ License, you can act as a Market Marker, ECN/STP, Commission Broker and a Fund Management firm.

Common uses of International Companies

Doctors, lawyers and other wealthy individuals transfer ownership of their assets to controlled international entities. This protects its assets against malpractice and other possible claims, etc. Corporations use international structures to protect assets against creditors, product liability, etc.


For an international business it is often possible to use an international company as an intermediary in which part of the profits of the operation can be accumulated in a low-tax jurisdiction. Local businesses in high-tax jurisdictions may be able to separate the selling part of the process from the manufacturing part and send it to an international jurisdiction.

International companies are widely used for holding foreign subsidiaries and receiving dividends or interest on loans in a tax-efficient manner. By concentrating the profits and losses from subsidiaries in one low-tax area they are able to obtain financing from institutions which are free of high taxation.