International Company

International Company Formation

A & P Intertrust Corporation offers international company formation services in BVI, Belize, Nevis, Panama and Seychelles. Our licenced Registered Agent in these jurisdictions are able to provide effective solutions suitable for different type of business activities.

Belize LLC

$9o0 $590

Incorporate in 1 business day

FREE Certificate of Incumbency

Panama IBC


Incorporate in 10 to 13 bus. days

Min 3 directors required

Nevis LLC


ncorporate in 2 to 4 bus. days

Simplest offshore structure

BVI Business Company


Digital Pack $1,050

Get incorporated in 2 to 3 bus days.

Seychelles IBC


Incorporated in 2 to 3 bus. days

Assistance with bank application

Why clients set up international structures:

Advantages of Registering in an International Jurisdiction

The international financial sector is much larger and pervasive than any individual national economy, and it is used by businesses in many different ways to optimize tax structures.

Registering internationally has proven to be popular among these types of groups:

Middle class individuals, who would like to preserve their hard earned wealth by moving their assets to international jurisdictions. Doctors, engineers, corporate managers, nurses, etc. buy properties and move to lower tax jurisdictions upon retirement.

Middle- and small-size businesses that conduct business internationally. The most frequent buyers include import/export companies, companies offering their goods and services online as well as consulting companies with international clientele.

Common uses of International Companies

Doctors, lawyers and other wealthy individuals transfer ownership of their assets to controlled international entities. This protects its assets against malpractice and other possible claims, etc. Corporations use international structures to protect assets against creditors, product liability, etc.


For an international business it is often possible to use an international company as an intermediary in which part of the profits of the operation can be accumulated in a low-tax jurisdiction. Local businesses in high-tax jurisdictions may be able to separate the selling part of the process from the manufacturing part and send it to an international jurisdiction.

International companies are widely used for holding foreign subsidiaries and receiving dividends or interest on loans in a tax-efficient manner. By concentrating the profits and losses from subsidiaries in one low-tax area they are able to obtain financing from institutions which are free of high taxation.


International companies can be involved in software and other intellectual property development, own patents, and trademark licenses to other companies. Businesses can account for significant profit increase, tax savings, and minimization of reporting and regulatory compliance.

The gains from investment are exempt from all local taxes or very lightly taxed in international jurisdictions.

Residential and commercial properties can be held by international companies.

An international company, which is the owner of machinery can lease the equipment to a company in an onshore jurisdiction with profits for the operation held in an international jurisdiction. An international company can provide loans and collect interest from a company in an onshore jurisdiction.

Minimum tax, liability, and operating costs.