End User License Agreement
NextgenTrader Mobile App

End User License Agreement for NextgenTrader Mobile App on iOS

 This end User License Agreement is between “YOU” Nextgen F X Investment LLC, a Main Land Company Registered in Dubai UAE, and Trade License is issued by Department of Economic Development with a trade License Number 1083202  Issued in Dubai – UAE, having Registered office at 204, Blue Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,The Terms & Conditions mentioned in this End User License Agreement is considered to be Legally Accepted by you as soon as you Install Nextgen Trader and Starts Using it.

We Recommend you to Immediately Uninstall the NextgenTrader App from your Device/Devices if you do not accept even a single Point Mentioned under our End User License Agreement, otherwise We reserve the right of NO LIABILITY



1.1  Nextgen is a Company who have developed Nextgen Trader only as a Software Technology Provider and Nextgen Does not Provide any kind of Real Market Data Feed Services.

1.2  You Legally Accepts and fully understands by the first Installation of Nextgen Trader App that Nextgen Does not Provide any Kind of Financial Services, we are not a Financial Institution and We are only the Software Technology Developers of this App / Program which you are Installing namely Nextgen Trader. Nextgen Does not Require any Financial Licenses as Nextgen is not a Brokerage or Financial Services Company.

1.3  You also accept that you have fully understood that Nextgen is a Technology Software Developer and Vendor, and we as Nextgen hereby Confirms that we Do not Provide any kind of Investment Advice, and you hereby Fully Accepts this If you intend to continue using this App, otherwise you may immediately delete this app from your device.

1.4  You as a User of this Application, hereby accepts that Nextgen Does not Provide any kind of Real Account Opening or Financial Services, if you are connecting to Nextgen Server then it is a Demo Server with no Real Environment and can only be used for Demo and Training Purpose, and Nextgen Demo Server cannot be used or considered as any Real Environment at any cost.

1.5  You fully accept that you have completely understood that Nextgen does only Provide Demo Services, for Demonstration Purpose, it clearly means we do not have any connection to providing Financial Services, Investment, Advise or any trading signals, We hereby Confirms to give you a Risk Disclaimer entering in to financial Industry as a client, with any Financial Institution, who is even Registered or even Licensed, Still there is a chance of loss, and more than 91% of traders loses Money, It is not suitable for everyone, if you still intends to trade, then you may clearly read and accept Risk Disclaimers provided to you by your Financial Institution.


1.6  As an end User you here by Accepts that you have fully understood that nextgen does not Take any Commission from any Broker or Financial Institution, on your account opening with them, nor any commission on the trades you execute in their company or their platform. Which clarifies that Nextgen Trader and all of its components such as iOS or android Apps, or Desktop Application or Web Trader Platform is only developed by Nextgen as a Software Technology Developer and Technology Provider, Nextgen is not a Financial Service Provider, and Nextgen does not Operate Real Account opening Environment, Nor Nextgen Takes any Deposits.

1.7  You Fully Accept and Legally bound yourself that you cannot seek Nextgen as Liable for any issues or errors or troubles found by using Nextgen Trader or Nextgen Demo Servers, if you have any problem with nextgen Trader or its use then you simply have the legal right to Un Install the Nextgen Trader app from your Device.

1.8  If you have any disputes with any Real Institution using Nextgen Trader as their Trading terminal, then you have no legal right to include Nextgen F X Investment LLC into any Legal dispute with Nextgen Because the Dispute is not Between you and Nextgen, It can or may be between you and your Selected Institution, And you have Chosen an Institution to Open your Account in any Real Environment by your own free Legal Will, which Reserves the right of Nextgen not to be bound or included for or in any Legal Disputes between other parties.

1.9   If any Court of Law gives a Decision against the Institution you have a Legal Dispute with, that We may Suspend the Technology providing Service for that Institution, We will Accept and Respect the Legal Decision as always and we will disconnect the Service and Terminate the agreement with the Institution.

2.0 Full Understandings and Acceptance Disclaimer

·      2.1 You do not hold any Real Account with Nextgen, You can never Open any Real Environment with Nextgen F X Investment LLC, as we are only a company who have developed the software, we do not entertain or provide any kind of financial services, 
we do not also advise any kind of referral or financial institution to you, you choose your Financial institution or Broker by your own Legal will, which cannot Include Nextgen in any kind of Disputes.

·      2.2 After Installation of Nextgen app on your Device you Accepts and Confirm that you have fully understood that you do not have any kind of Real Account or Claim with Nextgen, because you Enter into a Separate Contract with the Financial Institution where you open your Trading Account, Which can be done by Finding your desired Financial Institution Website on the Internet, Check their Company Profile, Registrations and/or Licenses, and you enter in to a legal contract with them for Account opening, which clearly Identify that you are not in any Real Account Contract with nextgen.

·      2.3 By the use of this Application you fully accept that We “Nextgen” are only Software Developers, and We do not have any connection with your Account and your Data, as your Account is Under Nextgen or its control, or access.

·      2.4 You fully Understand and Accepts that including but not limited to, The Financial Institution may have Purchased or Lease the Nextgen Trader Platform to use it under their own Financial Institution Name as a Trading Platform for their Company, Which Clearly Confirms that Nextgen is not a Financial Service Provider or a Broker, Nextgen is only a Technology Software Vendor.

·      2.5 Any Account you open with any Registered financial Institution, it does not mean you are opening any Real Account with Nextgen, your Account is always indicating that you are Independently entering into a separate Institution by opening your account with them, either on their website, or by telephone, or from their office or through any of their affiliates or Introducers.

3.0 Understanding of Nextgen - Demo Server

3.1 You Completely Understands that Nextgen is not a Broker or Financial Institution, and Nextgen is not a Financial Broker, Nextgen is only a technology Developer of the Software named as Nextgen Trader, nor Nextgen have any Real Server, all Servers under name of Nextgen is mentioned as DEMO (Demo or any word extension to demo such as Demo1, Demo2, Demo3 etc) is Considered to be Demo Servers. Any account you connect at nextgen Demo server is for Demo purpose only and there is no Real Environment, and there is no Real Deposit/Withdrawals held under Nextgen – Demo Server

3.2 This Software/Application has been granted to you to install Free of Charge by Nextgen

3.3 If you are Logging in to Nextgen Server it means you are Connecting Nextgen Demo Server for Training and Demo Purpose. Free of Charge and not considering Nextgen as Liable into any Financial Services Activity.

3.4 If you are Connecting Any other Financial Institution Server – Who are using Nextgen Trader as a Trading / Software / Technology for their Financial Institution, then you fully understand that  your Contract is with a 3rd Party Institution which is your Chosen Desired Broker (Your Chosen Financial Institution) and your Trading Account which you have opened is with them according to the Agreement you get enter with their company, Whereas Nextgen Shall not be liable for any issue occurred during your course of business with them. As Nextgen Only have Sold or Rented Them Nextgen Trader Platform under the Institution Name and Logo at Login, where as The Institution may have been but not limited to, have entered in to a technology Agreement where as Nextgen is a Vendor/lessor of the Software and the Institution may had been a lessee or a Purchaser

4.0 Your Liability

4.0 You also accept that you will only use the Application for Non-Commercial Purpose, and Re Distribution, re sale, Leasing or Sub Leasing is Illegal for you as an End user, and Nextgen Reserves The right to Terminate Third End User Agreement with any user found following the above-mentioned practices.

 4.1 It is also your Duty and Responsibility to Inform Nextgen if you found someone Illegally re selling the Nextgen Trader, other than Nextgen itself or through its Authorized Resellers.


 4.2 It is also strongly prohibited if an End User or a 3rd Party try to enter in to the system Files of Nextgen Trader and try to Decode the Current Nextgen system, Try to Crack or Hack the system for the purpose of unauthorized use or Re Distribution/Resale , or try to make reverse Engineering, or Copy our Design, or try to make any amendments in the system, and will be treated according to the possible clause available in the law of the country where the user resides in, and in all countries where Nextgen Legal Entities and sister Concerned Companies and its trademarks has been registered.

5.0 End User Understandings & Responsibilities

5.1 It is also your Duty and Legal Responsibility to Understand Including but not limited to, that any Financial Institution who have appropriate registrations or licenses to operate Financial Services or Brokerage Services, May need a Software Technology Usually Called a Trading Platform or a Trading Terminal or Sometimes as Trading Software, is usually purchased, or leased, or rented through a Technology Software Vendor, and Once a Financial Institution Enters in to an Agreement with the Software Vendor, then the Software Vendor Generates, White Labels and Full systems Under the Company name of that Financial Institution including their Unique Logo and Mentioning their Website and Contact Information such as emails and/or Telephone Numbers, and The Software is Independently Installed and Hosted on the Servers of The Financial Institution, and All of the Client Data and other things are private and held on the Server of the Financial Institution (where “YOU” have already entered in to an agreement with them to open your Trading Account), Same as it is Nextgen here is Software Vendor, And your Financial Institution will be your Broker or Your Company where your Trading Account is held


6.0 No Warranties offered by Nextgen

6.1– By using this Nextgen Trader software/Application/Mobile Apps you hereby also accept that this application requires a stable Internet Connection, to be Connected, or Stay connected, if you do not have a stable Internet Connection you cannot claim Nextgen or your Designated Financial Institution.


6.2– It is also hereby Accepted to you, that there can be Service disturbance or any kind of Disconnections based on the Internet Conditions, and Data Centre Connectivity Issues, which usually happens once in a blue moon, but you hereby accept that Applications based in Internet, can be disturbed due to any unforeseen circumstances, in this case you cannot claim anyone as liable, If you do not accept any of the Terms & Conditions mentioned in this Agreement, You may not Install the Application and or if already Installed you may Delete the Application.

6.3 You also Accept that By Installing this Application, some of the Space on your Device such as CPU, Ram and Data connection / Internet connection will be used with in your device, without this this app cannot be run.