How to use Nextgen Windows Desktop Terminal & its Features

How Can I see the Markets

Please see the Markets in Markets Tab, Symbols means the Instruments for Trading.





How can I Show/Hide Symbols

Right click on the Markets Tab and Click Show or Hide.



Show Hide Symbols Window Dialogue box

You can Show or Hide Symbols, you can read their Specifications, such as

  • Symbol Name
  • Path
  • Description
  • Digits
  • Contract Size
  • Minimum Volume 
  • Maximum Volume
  • Volume Step






How can I make a Trade

Please Double Click or Right Click on the Market Rates in order for the Trade Window to be open








How Can I Make Buy or Sell

Please Select the Correct Symbol name, Volume Size, and Stop Loss / Take Profit if any and then click Buy to make a buy or click sell to make a sell







How can I see my current Balance & Equity

You can see following on the indicated area

  • Balance
  • Equity
  • Net Profit
  • Used Margin
  • Free Margin





How Can I close Trades?

you can double click on any trade to close it, or else you can Right click as per shown in picture, it will give you following options

  • Close Position
  • Close By Hedge
  • Close All Position
  • Close All Profit Position
  • Close All Loss Position
  • Modify Position





How can I see My Trading History

Click on History Tab then right click and select the history Period.